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KAUST Research Conference on Advances in Metagenomics and its Applications

The Computational Bioscience Research Center (CBRC) is pleased to invite the KAUST community to the KAUST Research Conference on Advances in Metagenomics and its Applications. 

Metagenomics, which analyses genetic materials from diverse environments, has gained prominence in recent years, providing insights into the complex life of microbes without the need for isolation and culturing. Whilst conceptually relatively simple, metagenomics only became feasible with the advent of high-throughput sequencing technologies followed by the development of bioinformatics methods, imbued with big data paradigm, that allow for the analysis and the interpretation of the data. We have only uncovered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the application of metagenomics to the environment, human, animal and plant health, biotech, biomedical, soil management, bioremediation and many more. 

On behalf of the organizing committee, we invite you to join us on a three-day journey of discovery. Meet local and international scientists, exchange ideas and make new connections. 

This event is open to all KAUST community. 

Please note the deadline for registration is May 1, 2022.

Takashi Gojobori, Acting CBRC Director and Conference Chair


For more information, please visit CBRC conference 2022 website.

For any questions, please contact

KAUST Smart-Health Initiative
March 28, 2021

KAUST Smart-Health Initiative Launch Event
March 28, 2021

The KAUST Smart Health Initiative
WEP 2020,  January 14, 2020
Academic Lecture with Pierre J. Magistretti
The Leap Towards Personalized Medicine and the 4th Industrial Revolution: What’s Coming?
WEP 2020: January 22, 2020
A keynote lecture by Mark Kendall, Entrepreneurial Professor at the Australian National University.

Sci-Café: COVID-19 Part I
April 8, 2020
Featuring panelists Takashi Gojobori, David Ketcheson and Arnab Pain, with moderator Naadiya Carrim
Sci-Café: COVID-19 Part II
April 29, 2020

Featuring panelists Xin Gao, Samir Hamdan and Barry Hogan, with moderator Naadiya Carrim.

Sci-Café: COVID-19 Part III
May 20, 2020
Featuring panelists Peiying Hong, Thomas Anthopoulos and Xiangliang Zhang, with moderator Naadiya Carrim
Sci-Café: COVID-19 Part IV
June 24, 2020
Featuring, panelists Charlotte Hauser, Stefan Arold and Magdy Mahfouz, with moderator Naadiya Carrim
Smart Bandages: A modern way to heal old wounds
May 14, 2018