Principal Investigator: Prof. Tareq Al Naffouri

Poster Presenter: Rose Al-Aslani, Levina Perzhilla


Your smartphone could act as a DIY health diagnostic tool




Keeping in mind the proliferation of smartphones as a hand-held gadget (with adequate sensing and computational capability), this project proposes to use smartphone as a health diagnostic tool for do-it-yourself (DIY) monitoring of one’s own health. Specifically, this project proposes to use the rear camera of a smartphone to acquire a photoplethysmography (PPG) signal, in order to monitor the following health-related parameters/biomarkers of a subject: vitals (heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level), 1-lead ECG, hydration level, and vascular (heart) age. Specifically, we have collected the data from 20+ subjects who put their index finger on the rear camera of the smartphone and record a small video, while we will capture the true labels using a pulse oximeter. The data is pre-processed, and then passed on to a range of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms (supervised, unsupervised) which infer infer the relevant biomarkers. The project outcome will be an android/iOS app that will showcase the research results by displaying a results panel consisting of readings for the aforementioned biomarkers in real time. This project will enable early diagnosis of a range of cardiovascular diseases and several other diseases (e.g., anemia, metabolic disorders) followed by an early medical intervention. The project outcome is especially suitable for people in remote places, Hajj congregations, marathons, sportsmen, athletes, elderly, and chronic patients.