Principal Investigator: Prof. Raquel Peixoto

Poster Presenter: Vera Costa

Lab: Marine Microbiomes Lab

Customized Microbial-Based Medicine for the Environment and One Health




Most microbiomes of marine ecosystems and marine organisms are being impacted by anthropogenic action and can no longer be considered pristine. These microbiomes are usually enriched with pathogens, especially in areas in need of restoration, and constitute one of the key points to be considered for conservation purposes. Here, we will explore coral-microbiome symbiotic interactions across multiple microbial domains, to investigate: (i), microbial connectivity and symbiotic interactions between corals and other organisms in the reef; (ii), symbiotic relationships that are correlated with thermal resistance, and, (iii), the human-assisted manipulation of these interactions to support conservation and restoration efforts (through the use of probiotics), including field trials. Our results indicate that coral health is enhanced by probiotic application in field trials. We are now investigating whether non-target hosts (e.g., sponges, fish and algae, and ultimately, other ecosystems and organisms) can also benefit from treatments applied on corals, within the one health concept.