Principal Investigators —

Infectious diseases Core Group

The objective of the Infectious diseases core group is to initiate collaborative projects that address challenges related to infectious diseases in the Kingdom and the region. This, to discover novel and efficient ways to diagnose and treat infectious diseases, taking into account the particularity of the Saudi population and environment. A particular aspect of this core group is the study with advanced structural biology tool the molecular interactions of pathogen-host.

Infectious Diseases — Core group

Arnab Pain

Professor, Bioscience

Carlo Liberale

Assistant Professor, Bioscience

Lukasz Jaremko

Assistant Professor, Bioscience

Magnus Rueping

Professor, Chemical Science Associate Director, KAUST Catalysis Center

Mariusz Jaremko

Assistant Professor, Bioscience

Paula Moraga

Assistant Professor, Statistics

Robert Hoehndorf

Associate Professor, Computer Science

Samir Hamdan

Professor, Bioscience Acting Dean, Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering Division

Satoshi Habuchi

Professor, Bioscience

Stefan T. Arold

Professor, Bioscience Associate Dean, Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering Division

Takashi Gojobori

Distinguished Professor, Bioscience Acting Director, Computational Bioscience Research Center