Rania Ashraf

Director Government affairs and policy, Janssen GCC


A pharmacist by graduation, with 18 years of combined national and international experiences, holding multiple leadership roles within the government sector, pharmaceutical sector and participating in various projects with international organizations. with focus on enhancing healthcare policy, driving access to innovation and empowering healthcare systems,  

Currently, as a government affairs director for the gulf region, my biggest focus and aspiration is to ensure holistic an impactful partnership with governments in the region. Realizing the uniqueness of the Gulf countries, in its pursuit to an advanced healthcare system, strong economic power. and progressive policymaking. It is my aspiration to drive advancements in areas across healthcare and business ecosystem.

Along my career journey in different industry, market access and healthcare policy roles, I have been working with greatest commitment and determination to strengthen the healthcare and industry impact which makes policy shaping, market access and healthcare systems my area of expertise but also my passion.

In my global roles in Janssen, I have worked to ensure that clinical development plans address global unmet needs to create value to patients and societies. I particularly worked to ensure access for Janssen’s innovative oncology pipeline clinical development data building, clinical trial design, economic modeling, and integrated evidence generation plans.

Every day, I work to drive partnerships and high impact projects like policy reform, biotech partnerships, R&D partnership, and value-based healthcare. I believe that together across stakeholder we can mobilize projects in a partnership centric approach that translated to multiple true impact and drive strong mutual commitments.

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KAUST and Johnson & Johnson: Addressing global health problems through partnership
03:00 PM
Rania Ashraf

Director Government affairs and policy, Janssen GCC