KAUST Smart-Health Initiative

An initiative by a world-leading institution for the development and usage of smart health technologies and knowledge to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and training programs that transforms healthcare delivery system of Saudi Arabia and the world from traditional medicine to precision medicine. Central to this initiative is the collaboration between KAUST scientists with clinicians in the best in-Kingdom medical centres.

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28 July, 2022

KAUST visiting professor collaborates with KAUST faculty and staff to study Saudi air quality

KAUST Smart-Health Initiative has been honored to host Junfeng (Jim) Zhang at KAUST during his sabbatical. Prof. Zhang has been developing several air pollution studies in collaboration with KAUST faculty and staff.

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03 July, 2022

Stem cells reveal underpinnings of rare immune disease

Abnormal protein tied to Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome found to control gene splicing.

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29 June, 2022

Turning up the heat to unlock Cas13's potential

A newly identified heat-stable Cas13 enzyme could lead to improved diagnostics and new biotechnological applications.

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