Smart-Health News

25 March, 2024

Fully Screen-Printed and Gentle-to-Skin Wet ECG Electrodes with Compact Wireless Readout for Cardiac Diagnosis and Remote Monitoring

Prof. Shamim's group developed fully screen-printed, skin-friendly wet ECG electrodes with scaled-down PCBs and 3D-printed AoP. Minimal metal and gel usage, extended wireless range, and accurate data recording make them promising for clinical use.

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13 March, 2024

Often overlooked stem cells hold hidden powers for blood disease treatments

Protocol boosts regenerative capabilities of stem cells previously wasted in transplant medicine.

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19 February, 2024

Giving voice to the voiceless through assistive technology

Artificial skin coupled with sensors and machine learning technology allows people with voice disorders to communicate using soundless mouth movements.

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14 February, 2024

AI tool predicts function of unknown proteins

Powered by logic and large language models, DeepGO-SE predicts the biological role of proteins and could be used to aid drug discovery.

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12 February, 2024

Shuffling the deck for privacy

Researchers in Prof. Xin Gao's group developed a machine-learning approach aimed at preserving privacy while analyzing omics data for medical research.

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05 February, 2024

Saudi solutions for global challenges

We are transforming healthcare: We are driving advances in healthcare, focusing on precision medicine, diagnostics, and therapies for global health challenges.

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