Smart-Health News

23 January, 2024

AI for cells helps illuminate their identity

KAUST researchers evaluated and augmented an AI algorithm developed by a team of Chinese and American scientists and highlighted its potential for understanding cell diversity and genetic mutations.

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21 January, 2024

Dr. KID turns biological models into fun puzzles

Algorithm creates tessellating triangular pieces to build physical replicas of structures such as cells or viruses.

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16 January, 2024

Automated COVID-19 diagnosis, with wider potential

An open-source, automated and cost-effective platform for COVID-19 diagnosis and analysis of genetic variants can be built from readily available materials, with big possibilities on the horizon.

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04 December, 2023

The weird and wonderful world of Saudi Arabia’s microbiomes

Saudi Arabia is home to microbial communities that can boost coral reef health, sequester carbon in the desert and enable plants to survive in the harshest environments — and that is just the beginning.

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03 December, 2023

The first ride across Saudi Arabia on a hand bike

To showcase the remarkable potential of people with physical disabilities, KAUST Professor Matteo Parsani will travel from the east to the west of Saudi Arabia by hand-bicycle.

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22 November, 2023

Safeguarding the right to be forgotten

An open-source software can help align artificial intelligence applications in healthcare with data privacy regulations.

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