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26 September, 2023

COVID-19 mutations and their links with excessive immune responses

Mutations on a key SARS-CoV-2 viral protein are linked to extreme immune responses and could offer a novel vaccine target.

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07 September, 2023

Cutting the odds of drug-resistant pathogens emerging in wastewater

A complex interplay of factors influences the spread of superbug genes during wastewater treatment and reuse.

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06 September, 2023

Story: Homing in on stem cells, support and success

Asma Al-Amoodi’s dream of becoming a scientist and working in the lab is coming true as she pursues her Ph.D. in bioscience at KAUST, under the mentorship of Jasmeen Merzaban

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24 August, 2023

New gene-editing technique offers path to precision therapies

KAUST researchers have developed a gene-editing technique that provides a flexible and programmable platform for site-specific gene manipulations across all forms of DNA material.

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20 August, 2023

Rethinking and rigor brings promising protein for cancer therapy

Drugs that inhibit a key protein should offer new targeted cancer therapy for leukemia and breast cancer.

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20 August, 2023

KAUST new strategy 2023-2030

KAUST’s strategy presents new opportunities to accelerate our positive impact on the world through alignment with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) priorities, enhancing our global and local partnerships, and focusing on commercialization and economic impact.

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