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26 January, 2023

Professor Qiaoqiang Gan elected as SPIE Fellow

SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, recently welcomed 83 Members as new Fellows of the Society. Qiaoqiang Gan, KAUST professor of material science and engineering, was among the new inductees elected to the Society's 2023 Fellows Class.

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25 January, 2023

KAUST agreement targets pressing healthcare issues

A new health agreement between KAUST, the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA)and Novo Nordisk aims to develop the Kingdom’s biotech and pharma sector, with a focus on obesity and metabolic research

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24 January, 2023

Fastening enzyme seals the deal in genome repair

By combining cryogenic electron microscopy imaging, structural modeling and biochemical assays, KAUST researchers have shown the important role a specific enzyme plays in DNA repair.

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26 December, 2022

KAUST ECE researcher Asmaa Abdallah named 'Innovator Under 35' by MIT Technology Review Arabia

Asmaa Abdallah, a postdoctoral research fellow at KAUST Communication and Computing Systems Lab (CCSL), has been named a Leading Innovator under 35 in the MENA region by MIT Technology Review Arabia.

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14 December, 2022

DNA replication in humans proves slow off the mark

A team of KAUST bioscientists has shown how DNA replication in yeast, which is the standard model for studying DNA replication across all species, differs significantly to that of humans. Their study will have implications for more accurate and efficient DNA replication in more complex organisms including humans.

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14 December, 2022

Gene Detectives Solve Disease Mysteries

Researchers are diagnosing many rare genetic conditions by applying the latest AI methods combined with machine learning.

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