KAUST Smart-Health Initiative

An initiative by a world-leading institution for the development and usage of smart health technologies and knowledge to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and training programs that transforms healthcare delivery system of Saudi Arabia and the world from traditional medicine to precision medicine. Central to this initiative is the collaboration between KAUST scientists with clinicians in the best in-Kingdom medical centres.

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Latest news

24 May, 2022

AI helps diagnose post-COVID lung problems

A new AI diagnostic tool developed by KAUST scientists allows doctors to visualize lung damage caused by COVID-19 in more detail.

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25 January, 2022

كاوست: مبادرة الصحة الذكية ترفع معايير رعاية المرضى

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23 November, 2021

First MD-Ph.D. program in Saudi Arabia

Top medical students from AlFaisal University will undertake their Ph.D. degree at KAUST to obtain the necessary training needed to conduct basic research and the implementation of smart-health tools and methods in the Saudi healthcare delivery system.

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Latest Events

Modern trends in targeted structure-based drug design and discovery

Molecular Diagnostics and Drug Discovery Lab (MD3) at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) along with KAUST Smart Health Initiative (SHI) are pleased to announce the KAUST Research Conference 2022 on drug design titled "Modern trends in targeted structure-based drug design and discovery."

As a mankind, we have been in a constant struggle with various diseases and plagues since our early days. Over the centuries we have been discovering remedies for vast array of health problems, however during the last decades we can observe a decline of groundbreaking discoveries in pharmaceutical industry due to increasing complexities in finding a specific ligand for the target of interest. As our knowledge on genome, proteome and metabolome have increased and the technology improved, hundreds of new and potential drug targets have surfaced. However, finding a ligand that could bind to the target of interest have proven to be a major decelerator in progress. To overcome this, structure-based approach in drug design have been extensively used and have already proven its efficacy.

The meeting will address the recent trends in contemporary drug design and discovery from the perspective of experimental state-of-the-art integrated structural biology and artificial intelligence AI-augmented computational solutions. The attendees will have an opportunity to gain and exchange knowledge on tools, resources, approaches and ideas with the world-renowned scientists and researchers in the field.