Dr. Fadwa Attiga: The “I” and “We” in Illness and Wellness

Dr. Fadwa Attiga: The “I” and “We” in Illness and Wellness

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Dr. Fadwa Attiga will present at the "International Symposium on Porous Organic Polymers (POPs) & the KAUST Workshop for Women in Science and Engineering (WISE).

The program will host speakers from all over the world, representing diverse cultures and communities. In addition to the porous materials emphasis of the technical program, it will highlight women in the sciences and engineering both to learn on the cutting-edge research they do and to make stories that younger generations could follow. In the spirit of connectivity, all lectures will be presented in person while simultaneously streamed live, transcending geographical boundaries and enabling the global academic community to take part without missing a beat. This unique occasion will also feature enriching social interactions and a poster session, nurturing the exchange of profound ideas and forging lasting connections.

Event Quick Information

12 Feb, 2024
03:00 PM - 03:30 PM