Assessing the age- and gender-dependence of the severity and case fatality rates of COVID-19 disease in Spain

by Paula Moraga, David I. Ketcheson, Hernando C. Ombao, Carlos Duarte
Wellcome Open Research Year: 2020


The assessment of the severity and case fatality rates of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the determinants of its variation is essential for planning health resources and responding to the pandemic. The interpretation of case fatality rates (CFRs) remains a challenge due to different biases associated with surveillance and reporting. For example, rates may be affected by preferential ascertainment of severe cases and time delay from disease onset to death. Using data from Spain, we demonstrate how some of these biases may be corrected when estimating severity and case fatality rates by age group and gender, and identify issues that may affect the correct interpretation of the results.


COVID-19 epidemics mortality case fatality rate age gender