Principal Investigators —

Genetic & metabolic diseases Core Group

The objective of the Genetic & metabolic disorders core group is to initiate collaborative projects that address health-related applications (diagnostics, pharmacogenomics, precision medicine tools, etc.) to advance the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of certain diseases with the potential of uncovering novel therapeutic approaches. The group is also involved in applying inducible pluripotent stem cell and organoid technologies to the study of metabolic and genetic diseases.  

Leena Ali Ibrahim

Genetic & metabolic diseases — Core group

Assistant Professor, Bioscience

Funded projects

3D Leukemia Disease Models from Patient-derived Leukemic Cells in Biomimetic Peptide Scaffolds for Precision Medicine Applications

KAUST PI(s): Charlotte Hauser Collaboration Partner(s): Jasmeen Merzaban Collaborative institution: N/A

Empowering SHI by Implementation of Spatial Omics and Organoids models

KAUST PI(s): Valerio Orlando Collaboration Partner(s): David Gomez-Cabrero Collaborative institution: N/A

Viral Vector Platform for basic and clinical research

KAUST PI(s): Leena Ibrahim Collaboration Partner(s): Jasmeen Merzaban, Antonio Adamo Collaborative institution: N/A

Single Molecule Detection with an Electronic Chip

KAUST PI(s): Sahika Inal Collaboration Partner(s): Stefan T. Arold Collaborative institution: N/A

Testing universal (Betacoronaviruses) vaccine targets using antibodies, peptides, and repurposed drugs

KAUST PI(s): Intikhab Alam Collaboration Partner(s): Charlotte Hauser, Leena Ibrahim, Roberto Incitti, Takashi Gojobori Collaborative institution: University of Cambridge and King Fahd Medical City

Targeted Delivery of Therapeutic Nanofactories

KAUST PI(s): Stefan Arold Co-PI(s): Niveen Khashab and Jasmeen Merzaban

Leena Ali Ibrahim