Annual Conference 2021


KSHI R3T Exhibition —

November 23-25, 2021

Celebrate with us KAUST’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

The KAUST Smart-Health Initiative (KSHI) is proud to invite you to the KAUST SHI R3T Exhibition which will celebrate the research carried by the Rapid Research Response Team (R3T).

During this three-day event, R3T KAUST faculty members will present their research, which focuses on the development of rapid diagnostic platforms, genomic analysis of the virus and bioinformatic tools to help track the spread and evolution of COVID-19.

The exhibition will feature E-poster sessions, device showcase and live presentations. All community members are invited to attend this exciting event which recognizes the efforts and talent of our faculty members.

No need to register, just walk in!
Light refreshments will be provided

About R3T: The R3T group was established in 2020 following a call by President Tony Chan for KAUST PIs to contribute through their research capabilities to alleviate the COVID-19 pandemic.

R3T Exhibition — Schedule

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R3T Researchers