Bioinnovation —

Vision and objectives

KAUST Smart-Health Initiative (KSHI) aims to operate as an incubator to accelerate research innovation in life science, biology, AI, precision medicine and drive the development of new solutions by early-stage life science start-ups and promote entrepreneurship initiatives from junior and senior scientist from KAUST and beyond.



Latest achievements

15 November, 2022

Professor Qiaoqiang Gan elected Fellow of Optica

Qiaoqiang Gan, KAUST professor of material science engineering, and researcher in KSHI Genetic & metabolic diseases core group, was recently elected as an Optica Fellow (formerly OSA).

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21 November, 2022

Cryptic drug-binding sites discovered in the dance

A KAUST-led team of researchers has revealed properties of the MIZ1 protein (illustrated above). Their findings could advance drug discovery for previously incurable diseases, including some forms of cancer.

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20 November, 2022

Nanostructured surfaces enable lab-on-a-chip lung cancer diagnosis

A new chip developed by new KAUST faculty member Qiaoqiang Gan can be used to detect cancer and provide point-of-care diagnosis.

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