Bioinnovation —

Vision and objectives

KAUST Smart-Health Initiative (KSHI) aims to operate as an incubator to accelerate research innovation in life science, biology, AI, precision medicine and drive the development of new solutions by early-stage life science start-ups and promote entrepreneurship initiatives from junior and senior scientist from KAUST and beyond.



Latest achievements

16 October, 2022

Zinc enhances albumin’s protective role against Parkinson's disease

Revealing zinc’s interaction with a critical transport protein underscores the need to study biological pathways under physiologically relevant conditions.

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04 October, 2022

Finding an RNA target and tool to fight premature aging

Blocking the overexpression of specific repeat RNA sequences could prove promising for the treatment of premature aging syndromes.

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25 August, 2022

Building applications inspired by the human eye

A team of researchers at the KAUST Sensors Lab, led by Professor Khaled Nabil Salama, is focused on developing brain-mimicking neuromorphic circuits to build efficient vision sensors.

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