Bioinnovation —

Vision and objectives

KAUST Smart-Health Initiative (KSHI) aims to operate as an incubator to accelerate research innovation in life science, biology, AI, precision medicine and drive the development of new solutions by early-stage life science start-ups and promote entrepreneurship initiatives from junior and senior scientist from KAUST and beyond.



Latest achievements

05 February, 2024

Saudi solutions for global challenges

We are transforming healthcare: We are driving advances in healthcare, focusing on precision medicine, diagnostics, and therapies for global health challenges.

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31 January, 2024

Greening initiatives that hit home

Researchers propose a pathway to create sustainable greening initiatives in the Middle East using existing technologies.

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28 January, 2024

KAUST and amplifAI health combine technologies for early diabetes detection

The partnership aims to significantly lower medical costs and protect patients from foot amputations.

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